find closest number above in a list given an input

I would like to find, given an input number, the corresponding element of the list that is greater than or equal to the input number. I found an example solution online, but it only gives me the closest number, not the closest number that's greater than or equal to the input number (ie. it will select a number below the input if that number is closer)


[1] 90000

Here the code returns 90000, but I would need it to return 90001 since this is the closest number greater than or equal to the input


x <- c(1:10^6)
your_number <- 90000.43
which.min(abs(x - your_number))
#> [1] 90000

min(x[which(x > your_number)])
#> [1] 90001

Thank you so much technocrat!

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