Filtering data table contents based on selected histogram value

Hello, I am just starting to learn about creating Shiny apps. Can someone tell me if the following is possible:

I'd like to create an app that has a histogram on the left side of the page and a data table on the right. When the user clicks on one of the bars on the histogram I'd like the data table to display the associated records that correspond to selection.

Is this doable with Shiny?


It should definitely be possible. The Shiny gallery mgith be a good place to begin:

You might also want to check out the crosstalk htmlwidgets extension:

Also, just for housekeeping purposes, I'm going to move this into the #shiny category. It's easier for people to scan the content of the site visually to see what questions they might be able to answer with the categories as browsable guides. :+1:

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That's great to hear. Thanks for the info!

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