Filtering a set of data

I'm trying to create a scatter plot for my set of data that I filtered using the filter icon in the tab of my data set as shown in the picture below. However, when I go to create the scatter plot, it displays the whole data set and not the on filtered area.

Below is what I used and my x and y coordinates are correct. What else do I need to do?
geom_point(aes(x=x_event, y=y_event))

The interactive filter of the table view you screenshotted is purely an interactive display for convenience, it does not alter data objects in your environment.
You will need to use code to apply filtering and store the results in a named object you can refer to (and thereby can pass to ggplot)
dplyr::filter() is a good choice of function to use to transform your data.
I recommend this book you can study, and quite rapidly gain competence in this area

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