Filtering a data frame for missing values

One of the nice features of RStudio is that it permits filtering of displayed data frames for values found in one or more columns. However it appears not to permit filtering a displayed data frame for missing values. I know that it is easy to subset the data frame to examine the rows with missing values. But it would be a nice addition to permit filtering of data in a displayed data frame for NA without requiring creating a new subsetted data frame. Have I missed how to do this? If not, it would be a nice new feature to be able to do this.
Larry Hunsicker

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I found a simple work around, using the View() function that displays the data frame. Still it would be nice to be able to do this within the displayed data frame.


This has come up before, but I can’t tell if anybody ever actually submitted a feature request for it:

If you’d like to do so, here's your starting point:
RStudio IDE Guide: Writing Good Feature Requests


You seem to have submitted this Enhancement request four days ago. Is there anything else that I should do? (Your suggestion was much more thorough than mine. I like it!)
Larry Hunsicker

I think maybe some wires got crossed somewhere :sweat_smile: I haven’t submitted a feature request related to filtering for NA values in the Data Viewer... maybe somebody else did? Do you have a link to the GitHub issue you’re thinking of?

It was jzadra, not you. I guess that I got confused by the first initial. See

Aha! Well, if a feature request you support has been filed on github, you can help by "voting" for it (:+1: emoji reaction), and optionally adding any useful perspective you might have on the suggestion.