Filter bigram list from a dataframe

looking at your code, it seems you can make a function to avoid repetition

subset_and_add_keyword <- function(tab, keyword) {
    selectedRows <- tab[grep(keyword, tab$product), ]
    selectedRows$keyword <- keyword

I think you can also make a list of your original data.frame by product, apply your function and row bind together.

Using tidyverse, I think you can even do something like conditional addition of a column, using a (long) case_when inside mutate with all your recoding.

To add more dates on a ggplot2 graph you need to modify scales to add breaks. See ggplot2::scale_x_date() and scales::date_breaks().

Also, please, try to build a reprex so that we have some example data to help you. Without being able to run your code ourself, it is not efficient. thanks.