Files renamed, hyperlinks lost


If you have a markdown file say,, the bookdown build command renames the output html as myfile-a-to-a.html

This is creating problems with all the hyperlinks I have in these markdown documents. Is there a solution to fix these. I cannot change the names of md files because they come automated from a large open-source project.

Please guide,

I haven't dealt with this myself, but these are meta-suggestions for where you might find the answer:

Have you looked at the options for render_book() and the _bookdown.yml file? See the usage and configuration sections in the bookdown book. The cross-references section may also be helpful.

I'm not sure if this SO workaround for specifying output filename would work, but it might give you an idea of where to look vis-a-vis pandoc configuration, should you need to dive that deep (e.g. outputfile name)

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