File size limits for R Studio Cloud?

Hi All - I'm thinking of using R Studio Cloud for a project .. I have 3 data files, two just shy of 1Gb each and one of 135Mb. The two larger files have 8-9m rows of data.

Will this work or will file size and/or memory limits prevent this? I don't want to start working in Cloud and then find out I have a problem later down the line.

The only info i could find in Community is from 2018 where it seems there was a 1Gb limit on working memory and 3Gb on files - so I'd be dangerously close to those limits if they are still in place?


Still the same limits, even if there is room for the files you are not going to be able to load them in memory to work with them.
A better option for you if you want to work on-line would be to set your own RStudio Server on a paid cloud computing service like AWS or Google Cloud Computing, that way you can select the resources you need.


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