file_renderer failed to copy frames to the destination directory (yes again)

I've read the other posts and tried the suggested fixes.

I've looked at permissions - I'm the Admin user on a Win10 desktop - I've tried changing permissions from CL with
cacls C:\Users\Admin\Documents\R\Bubbles /e /p Everyone:f

I've installed png and gifski.

I've copied and pasted the code from member Technocrat's post:
p <- ggplot(
aes(x = gdpPercap, y=lifeExp, size = pop, colour = country)
) +
geom_point(show.legend = FALSE, alpha = 0.7) +
scale_color_viridis_d() +
scale_size(range = c(2, 12)) +
scale_x_log10() +
labs(x = "GDP per capita", y = "Life expectancy")
p + transition_time(year)

My life is incomplete as I sit looking at inanimate bubbles. Pls reanimate my screen with your know how.

I imagine it is frustrating for you.
if you run this and see the failure and then do tempdir() to see the temporary path that gganimate is trying to use, perhaps it will show you a different path, whose root you would want to have wider permissions on ?

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