File not getting downloaded via Download Shiny button.

I had created an app in Rstudio. It was working fine till last week. This week there's a strange behaviour on "Download" shiny button. Instead of downlading a .csv file with the name I have given, its opening Download.txt that too with error message "Failed with internal server"

Code Snippet:

output$Download <- downloadHandler(
filename = function() {
paste("Harness", Sys.Date(), ".csv", sep="")
}, content = function(file) {
write.csv(wscv, file)

id put a browser() statement before the write.csv function.
then i'd test to see that wscv has content

yes, when i put wscv in console it did fetch me the desired content. But still on downloading it didn't download .csv file. the message on write.csv remains the same
"Error in write.table(wscv, file, col.names = NA, sep = ",", dec = ".", :
unimplemented type 'list' in 'EncodeElement'"

Please read this

Thanks for the solution.
I could finally get that error removed for unimplemented list.

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