File locking issues with NFSv4 on RHEL 9.2

I've been attempting to set up a true HA environment for Posit. All our servers are RHEL 9.2 at this time. I've followed the Posit documentation regarding these features as well as general RHEL instructions for NFS shares, all with a variety of options for exports as well as fstab. NFS seems okay for Package Manager and Connect, but Workbench is causing me grief. This is my current setup -
NFS Host:
/my/posit/export *(rw,sync,no_all_squash,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)
NFS Client(s):
:/srv/nfs/posit/wb/home /mnt/posit/home nfs defaults 0 0
:/srv/nfs/posit/wb/shared-storage /mnt/posit/shared-storage nfs defaults 0 0

The shares will mount, if I ssh into the nodes it will create my home directory, but If we try to log in to Posit I get a 502 error and logs indicate an "rworkspaces-: ERROR system error 2 (No such file or directory) [path:/mnt/posit/home//.local/share/rstudio/sessions/session-locks/<randomnumbers&letters>/.rstudio-lock-<moresessiondata&nodeidentifier>]

I've used the locktester provided by posit and from what I've gathered file locking may not be working how we need it to, so not necessarily a Posit issue but judging from this post, this has been an issue well before now. I have a support ticket open, just wondering if anyone else had any suggestions.

Another thing that boggles me with this is that I am allegedly using NFSv4, so why is it that when I run mount | grep "nfs" to look at stats, why am I seeing nfs4.2 with a local_lock=none flag? I'm no expert on NFS for sure, but I am not specifying any locking mechanism in exports or fstab, and I thought local_lock was only used by NFSv3?

Any help would be much appreciated, this will be the last step in completing my HA setup if I get this right.

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