Figure parameters in Quarto

I'm having difficulty finding a good reference for figure sizes and similar parameters in Quarto.

I've noticed a couple of things through lots of troubleshooting:

  • Code like this #| fig-width: 6 only works if it starts on the first line of the chunk.

  • When using code fold, this code does not show up.

Can anyone point to a good reference for these details?

or the section in related to figures:

The possibilities of Quarto are manifold and often depend on the output format.

I often search with Google anyway where it helps when I found the right parameter in the reference section.

But I always start with where there also is a link to the reference pages.

The details you mentioned could be errors in Quarto. The code chunk entries should (in my opinion) not be dependent on a particular order. Can you show us a simple (minimal (not-) working) example of your issue?

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