Figure captions does not link to section number in officedown::rdocx_document

I need some help with Rmarkdown in officedown::rdocx_document.
I want the caption of the figure linked to section number. for example,

  • In section 1, captions display in sequence , Figure 1-1, Figure 1-2 , Figure 1-3, ...
  • In section 2, Figure 2-1, Figure 2-2, Figure 2-3,
  • that is to say number starts with 1 in each section.

But this code is not what I want.

code is here code

Any help would be appreciated

You should update to last version of officedown and officeverse, maybe try the dev version in case it works differently;

Otherwise, I would open issue on GitHub - davidgohel/officedown

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