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FIFA22 - R Markdown Dashboard

Authors: Ramanathan Perumal
linkedin, github,

Abstract: Powerful combination of R, HTML, CSS, and JS is used to develop this Standalone FIFA22 R Markdown dashboard (No server side computations!!!).

Full Description: R, HTML, CSS, and JS are an immensely powerful combination for developing and hosting standalone data-analytics web applications. This FIFA22 app demonstrates how to build an R Markdown application deployed in Netlify using the GitHub repo. App can be served from any standard web server. No Shiny here!!

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RShiny has been successfully applied to many sports analytics dashboards. However, there has not been much application of standalone R Markdown dashboards in sports analytics, though R Markdown is generally used for PDF/simple HTML report generations.

This provides us an unique opportunity to explore opensource data resources with the use of suitable visualization techniques to gain insight into the evaluation of soccer player and team analytics.

What we aim for?

  • Find out most important attributes of player’s skillset which determine their value and wages
  • Compare the skillsets of two competing players/teams
  • Correlation analytics of player performance metrics.
  • Network maps for player transfers between clubs

Here we attempt to figure out the best ways to aggregate our DataViz pages so that it results in a set of storylines such that these player/team performances define the insights as much as possible.

Table Type: interactive-HTML
Submission Type: Other
Code: GitHub - ramamet/posit_fifa2022: Posit Table contest FIFA22 App -
Cloud project:
Languages: Built with R: true. Built with Python: false.
Industries: Sports Analytics.
Other packages: DT, reactable