felp::fuzzyhelp() for Fuzzy Search and Preview of R Documentation |> Table Contest

fuzzyhelp: Fuzzy search and preview of R Documentation

Authors: Atsushi Yasumoto

Full Description:
felp::fuzzyhelp() enables fuzzy search on help topics and vignettes, and preview a selection.
You no longer have to worry about typo or forgetting the keyword.
Try it on https://atusy.shinyapps.io/fuzzyhelp/ .

Example below searches ggplot2 geompint as a typo of ggplot2 geom_point.

2024-05-05 21-28-36.mkv

In this app, I use reactable as UI for finding topics.
reactable plays an important role for fast rendering of a large table.
reactable also helps me building the useful UI in short time (stripedrows, highlighting hovered row, selecting a row, ...).

For more features, invoke felp::fuzzyhelp() on your local R or RStudio Addin (https://github.com/atusy/felp)

  • search for all the installed packages.
    • ShinyApp version only includes some packages (base, tidyverse, felp and dependencies of felp)
  • code highlight
  • links between topics

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: https://atusy.shinyapps.io/fuzzyhelp/
Code: GitHub - atusy/fuzzyhelp-shinyapp
Language: R
Industries: .
Packages: reactable