Feedback on Shiny App That Calculates eGFR


I'm currently a 2nd year health sciences student with a career goal of working in biostatistics or epidemiology. I’ve been fascinated with tech and programming since I was a kid, so I've been actively learning R since March this year through DataCamp and combing through the "R for Data Science" by @hadley.

I'm excited to share that I have recently created my very own Shiny app. While it's not my absolute first (I tinkered around with random data and built a plain BMI app following examples from "Mastering Shiny"), this one holds a special place since there aren't many eGFR Shiny apps out there. I also managed to add some CSS because of an elective course I took last year on introductory web development.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Specifically, I'm interested in seeing if there are ways to simplify the if-else chain for the reactive GFR output. Also, I now realize that implementing shinydashboard from the beginning would have been better, rather realizing it later for the reactive server valueBox, which required quite a few function tweaks.

Lasly, this seems like this is an umbrella issue in my code, but in my logs, I initially had the invalid color "darkred" used in the valueBox function. The valid colors for valueBox in Shiny are: "red", "yellow", "aqua", "blue", "light-blue", "green", "navy", "teal", "olive", "lime", "orange", "fuchsia", "purple", "maroon", and "black" and I've used the unavailable "darkred" for eGFRs greater than 15 but less than 30.

Weirdly, there were no errors in my code when it ran, and RStudio highlighted the colour without incident, so I thought it was okay. I changed the colour to "maroon," and it works fine for that area. I'm a bit picky, but the maroon colour that was shiny made it more pink and less crimson than I would like. It seems like the dashboard components are only limited to the named colors in the error above (1). Is there a simple way to implement a custom HEX color without defining another CSS class or rendering the eGFR output without using valueBox?

For the future, I have plans to make QoL adjustments to the app, such as adding a switch for mg/dl to mmol/l and potentially introducing a new tab for pediatric GFR.


Live App:

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