Feedback on RMarkdown Document

I am new to both the R community and R, I was introduced to R and its community through Google's Data Analytics Certificate.
I created a Report on a penguins' dataset as was instructed in the course, but I wanted to share it with the community and gain some valuable feedback.
Since I am a beginner there will be quite a few problems with my report and I would appreciate if you guys could point them out and give me some advice on how to avoid them.
Here's my Markfdown file: Posit Cloud

P.S: I messed things up quite a bit but I hope it'll work this time.

The link to report is password protected.

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Sorry, my bad!
I'll insert a PDF version of it.

Seems like I can't attach a file since I'm a new user, got no option but to delete the post. :slight_smile:

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