Feedback on new jobs feature (1.2.1330)


I thought I leave my 2 cents on the new jobs feature (I am using Ubuntu 18.10 running RStudio 1.2.1330).
Generally, I love the feature of jobs as it allows me to continue writing a script and evaluating pieces of it while keeping my console clean and at the same time evaluating some other code and retrieving its results.

A feature I would find helpful, is to have a shortcut in RStudio that executes a selection of code in a new job (exporting the current environment and returning the job env) similar to Ctrl + Enter but using a new job. (this is similar to this topic).
This would enable me to quickly send longish running sections to a new job (which already have some progress bar capability etc), but leaves the console for me to quickly check something (think ?mean, 1 + 1, or what does return?!). Furthermore, code completion etc. would not be blocked by the task in the new job (this is something I sometimes encounter when the computation is complex and takes a while to finish, resulting in Rstudio not being able to complete code on Tab).

For example, when I write a data analysis script, I could reload a large dataset in the background (=new job), continue to write the script, and use the console to check some other data.

A shortcut to run the current script as a new job, exporting the results to the current environment would also be neat (similar to source which already has a shortcut, currently I would have to click on "Source as Local Job" and set the return option of "copy job results" to get the same results).

Then lastly, I would find it helpful to see the overview jobs pane instead of the details of the last/newest job when using the new job feature.

The feature itself is wonderful and I will make frequent use of it. Keep up the good work.



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