Feedback and Suggestion

Hi guys!
Excellent work! I was looking for a cloud solution for my R code and AWS and the rest give me a headache!
Now for me to be your first customer I would like three features:

  1. To choose manually or to be automatically done for me the resources of the "computer". If my code is heavy I would like to size up to get it done and if possible alert me that the code has completed.
  2. To keep running the code even if I close the browser tab
  3. I would like to pay per hour of usage

Kind Regards


Thanks for the kind works and the feedback.

So you know, we're definitely planning on adding the capability to allocate more CPU and memory for running heavier workloads on RStudio Cloud. I think this is something we'll hopefully have in place by the end of the year.

We are considering multiple pricing options, including a usage based model as you suggest.