Fedora 39 pnadoc without lua support

I have just installed RStudio in Fedora 39 with softwre manager.

When I try to knit rmd file I get this error:

"This version of pandoc has been compiled without Lua support."

Hi, what happens if you reinstall pandoc?

pandoc 3.0.1
Features: -server -lua
Scripting engine: none
User data directory: /home/messner/.local/share/pandoc
Copyright (C) 2006-2023 John MacFarlane. Web: https://pandoc.org

How did you install Pandoc ?

It seems you have a version without Lua support, and rmarkdown will use Lua.

So it seems the version of Pandoc used is not compatible.

Can you use a different version with Lua support ?

This is default Fedora installation.

Sharing for reference, this was also ask on fedora forum: Pandoc without Lua

it seems the build for 3.0.1 available on official repo for Fedora development version 39 is not build correctly for now; Pandoc 2.19 available for fedora 38 seems to be ok.

I believe you can install latest release from Pandoc - Installing pandoc

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