Features knitting a Rmarkdown

I'm confused by the features available when knitting a .Rmd document to a html document.

On a vignette, I can use code_folding to fold and hide the code of a document published as html, if I publish the package with pkgdown then there is button to copy a code block.

However on a plain markdown how can I set up the option to allow to copy the code block?

In a blog with blogdown, how can I make both options to work? How to include an index in just one post? In a normal post I also can knitr::clean(TRUE) to clean the cached filed, but on a blog it didn't work and had to do that manually. Or did I miss something?

Sorry this post is a collection of "troubles", but I find the documentation spread in multiple books and not sure where each feature belongs to (Is the code folding in html_document responsibility and thus rmarkdown or it is from knitr? and so on).

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