Feature request - possibility to customize editor themes css


a small suggestion: in the current Rstudio version, the css corresponding to the different themes seem to be located in:


in the installation folder (in Windows - don't know about linux or mac). However, it is not possible to (easily) understand which css corresponds to which theme, since the the names of the themes are "obfuscated". For example, A83503B82AD5F306AC7145CA4390FA5D.cache.css - is (I think...) an editor theme, but which one?

Would you consider naming the css files according to the themes they correspond to, so that interested users can more easily "tweak" the default themes to their liking ? Ideally, it would be nice also to be able to save a customized theme to a different file and have the possibility to add it to the RStudio list, but just being able to more easily modify a bit a default one would be a nice feature, IMO.


It would also be nice to load custom css from other directories for poor people like me who doesn't have write access to the RStudio folder at work :frowning:

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Bringing doughnuts to the IT team in charge can always help; they might be able to add it to your folder.

Yeah I work for a government agency, so no. Everything's pretty inflexible here

Agree. I would love to just tweak some minor things from time to time.

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It's actually not too hard to find out which css is which.

Right click on editor, inspect to bring the development tools, then you can find the css name in right side css file list.

RStudio 1.2 has a new theme format, .rstheme, which is really just hand-editable CSS. Our built-in themes ship in this format, and you can import or make your own easily. Give it a try!