Feature Request: Ability to move the terminal to a different pane?

Is it possible to move the terminal from the console pane to the environment or plot pane? Will this be included in future versions of RStudio?

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Hey @spacedSparking! The answer is yeeeees and noooooo. If you look up "View > Panes > Pane Layout" on the menu bar, you can rearrange the four panes, which includes relocating the console pane to a different quadrant.

Unfortunately, there isn't unlimited flexibility here. The source pane and the console pane must each be alone: because they each have tabs of their own (the source pane has tabs for different files; the console pane has tabs for extra terminals), they can't be folded into the two panes reserved for other stuff (plots, environment, etc.). You might choose to put the console in the top-right quadrant, but it won't be a tab alongside Environment and Connections; the two have to swap positions.

However, you can move tabs between the other two panes as much as you want in this dialog. So if you want Connections and Plots on the same pane, for example, you can do that :slight_smile:

As far as what's planned for future versions of RStudio, I couldn't say, unfortunately!

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You might keep an eye on this GitHub issue (and add your emoji vote!):


I've known about the Pane Layout options, but I want to view the R console and the terminal at the same time. Thank you for the input though!

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Thanks for the info!

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