Feasibility of Hosting Shiny Apps in Shinyapp.io

Hi All,

I work for a company and as a part of process improvement, we created a few automation which we were looking to host. What are the good options for hosting such Shiny apps.

We are mainly concerned about

  1. Security Breaches
  2. Vulnerabilities
  3. Data Security

Is shinyio a good option while considering all these factors or should we explore other options?

Assuming that your company has an IT shop and your IT people are amenable, you could have them spin up a server instance running Shiny Server and deploy either Shiny Server or Posit Connect. That would keep your data inside the company firewall and off of cloud servers you don't control.


Hi @prubin Isnt Shiny Serve an cloud server, I am not sure what Posit Connect is but I will look into that to understand it better.

Shiny Server is a program you install on a server inside your company. You can then run Shiny apps from that server. It is available for servers running various Linux distributions.