FCS Meta Power Rankings - Table Contest Submission

FCS Meta Power Rankings

Authors: Andrew Block

This visualization shows the top 10 FCS schools and their meta ranking through week 7. This table shows several fields to display a dynamic amount of information such as:

  • Team (team name and conferences they belong to)
  • Record (win/losses)
  • Outcomes (week by week)
  • MR (a proprietary meta ranking I created)
  • +/- (meta ranking change from last week)
  • DR (DRating index score)
  • CFP (College Football Poll index score)
  • VS (Versus Sports Simulator index score)
  • SOS (strength of schedule)

I used color schemes to help signify certain rankings and chose those colors carefully to be respectful to people who are color-blind. I added team logos into the visualization using gt_img_rows from gtExtras, and the conferences the teams belong to using a custom stack function. There is a legend at the bottom with references to the sites where any index scores were pulled. I think this takes a simple table and beautifies it to make it more engaging for the averages sports consumer while telling a story of where the teams have started and are now.

Full Description:

Table Type: static-HTML
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: tidy-vizzies | A visual exploration of the #tidy universe.
Repo: tidy-vizzies/fcs_power_rankings at main · andrew-block/tidy-vizzies · GitHub
RStudio Cloud:
DT package used: false
gt package used: true
reactable package used: false
flextable package used: false
huxtable package used: false
kableExtra package used: false
Other packages: tidyverse, gtExtras