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Favorite Pizza Places, powered by {faketables}

Authors: Gus Lipkin
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Full Description:
The shiny app 'Favorite Pizza Places' is a front for the real submission, {faketables}. faketables is a table construction tool that creates and renders tables using Shiny inputs, while managing data inserts, updates, and deletions. Users define the column definitions using the provided constructors and pass their data, and faketables handles the rest. Because faketables is a Shiny module, it can be used in any Shiny application and excels in applications where users need to interact with the data in great detail.

There's more information on the project website: Create a table of shiny inputs • faketables

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Other
Table: https://landeranalytics.shinyapps.io/faketables/
Code: https://github.com/landeranalytics/faketables/blob/main/vignettes/app.R
Industries: {faketables} can be used for all kinds of data, but is focused on data with high read/write needs such as databases.
Packages: faketables