Fatal error: Unable to open the base package even after reinstallation

Dear all,

I have encountered a debilitating error on my Windows 10 machine.

Basically, I removed and reinstalled R while Rstudio was running and afterwards, each time I try to open an Rstudio file I get the Fatal error: Unable to open the base package and Rstudio opens as a blank page.

To remedy the situation, I have completely removed and reinstalled both R (version 4.0.0) and Rstudio (version 1.2.5042) but the fatal error message still persists, I highly appreciate any solutions?

-- Many many thanks, Reza

It seems to me that some settings file may be damaged.
Try to remove all these files.
I found an rstudio-1-3-preview-configuration article. I know you try to install an earlier version but maybe the information about settings folders is useful also for the 1.2 version.
Hope this helps.

The settings folder on Windows according to rstudio-1-3-preview-configuration is
AppData/Roaming/RStudio .
On my Windows machine (I am using a 1.3 version btw.) I also found the folders
AppData/Local/rstudio and AppData/Local/Rstudio-Desktop .

Thanks much! As I mentioned, currently, Rstudio opens as a blank page and none of the task bar menu options (Tools etc.) are active to click on.

Are you suggesting that I uninstall the new versions of R and Rstudio I have just installed, AND THEN go to the folders you mentioned and delete everything?

AND THEN, install R and Rstudio again?

I deleted all the Rstudio files in Roaming and Local. I think the fatal error doesn't show up.

BUT Rstudio still doesn't work correctly? It's a blank page?

So you removed these folders first and then installed R and RStudio, right?

Is R correctly installed? To check: can you run R outside RStudio e.g. by clicking on the R icon on the desktop (assuming an icon/shortcut was created). While installing R a question is asked (if I remember rightly) if the registry should be updated. If this was not done, maybe the R installation could not be found.

I my case I can indicate where to find R by specifying this in Tools|Options|General under the heading R Sessions R version but apparently you can not access the Tools menu.


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