Fatal Error Report

I Have updated my macOS to Sonoma and I am getting this error message while accessing R
I have seen many R users are facing the same , can you let me know how to resolve this or how to create second user Profile in my Mac.

Does the file exist at the location?

No , the file does not exist in the mentioned path
If I paste file name Dm also its still not working.

Is the reason that this is in a different user directory tree than yours?

No I tried updating that as well

Sorry to be unclear. Are there multiple users?

no worries , no its just one

I didn't have to create a second user profile when I did the upgrade.

Here's my setup:

R version 4.3.0 (2023-04-21) installed from CRAN with their pkg installer
Platform: aarch64-apple-darwin20 (64-bit)
Running under: macOS 14.0
RStudio Version 2023.03.0+386 (2023.03.0+386) installed from the posit dmg installer

This gives me the following install locations

RStudio is located /Applictations/RStudio.app and R is at /usr/local/bin/R

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I have installed the same version , its working as of now , fingers crossed .
Thank you os much

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