Fastest way to generate violin plots without any programming experience

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I'm currently working on a thesis and just got to know that I was expected to provide violin plots for the destribution of standard deviances.

I only got two weeks to get the whole work finished and after briefly looking into this, it seems to be a little far beyond my horizon, considering that I've just yet downloaded R for the first time (I've been working with SPSS for the more basical data analysis).

Is there any way I can get violin plots in 1-3 days without having to learn that whole R language stuff? If there's several ways, which one is the easiest and fastest? If there's only one, which one is that? And if there's none, could you give me an alternative? :slight_smile:

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You are best off using the ggplot2 package for your plotting requirements.

This shows you the syntax for violin plots:

Of course you'll need to know a little bit about R to get you to that point, e.g. importing data, wrangling data, etc.

This is one of the most popular guides:

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Try this:

And start to learn R and ggplot afterwards to be able to do this next time. Maybe start with exactly the same data...

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