False column number appears in data viewer


I work with large data frames. I like to move the mouse over a column, which then makes the index number of the column appear. The newest releases of RStudio (1.2.1335 and 1.2.1568-3) however have a bug.
The index column number that appears is false. I hope that the screenshot explains it better.
As you can hopefully see, the picture shows the first columns (from the left) of columns 51-100. The index number that appears, however, is incorrect (101). With columns 1-50 there is no issue, but 51+ there are.
The same is true if I create a new dataframe
sildid<-data.frame(matrix(NA, nrow = 6, ncol = 202))

I would be very grateful if this could be solved.

Hi, welcome!

For bug reports is usually better to file an issue on the github page, it's more likely that your issue will get attention there.

Hi @mgort! The RStudio IDE team has written a guide to filing bug reports:

Reading it before filing a GitHub issue will help make your report as useful as possible for the developers :smile:. If you do file an issue on GitHub, please also come back here and leave a link so any others who find this topic can follow the progress over there.

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