Fake Data Generator - Shiny Contest Submission

Fake Data Generator

Authors: Jakub Nowicki

Abstract: Fake Data Generator is an application that enables creating a data frame with dummy data from a YAML configuration using fixtuRes package.

Full Description: ## Fake Data Generator

Fake Data Generator is an application that enables creating dummy data (in the shape of a data frame). User can design structure by specifying columns and size, all using YAML editor, with live data preview. Configuration, dummy data and generator itself can be easily downloaded. You can check the application code here.
Under the hood, this application uses fixtuRes package and can be treated as its showcase. fixtuRes package provides a set of tools that allow generating random mock data for testing or to use during development. For installation instructions and detailed documentation check this link.
UI of the application was created using components from a new package from Appsilon - shiny.fluent.

About me
My name is Jakub and I'm an R Shiny developer working at Appsilon. I'm also a paleontologist focused on Cambian trilobites.

Keywords: dummy data, generator, yaml, fixtuRes, shiny.fluent
Shiny app: https://jakubnowicki.shinyapps.io/fake-data-generator/
Repo: GitHub - jakubnowicki/fake-data-generator: Fake Data Generator
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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