Failure to open a session virtual machine rstudio-quickstart


I've just downloaded the 45-day trial for Rstudio server version but it is failing to open a session. I noticed that step 2 of the installation guidelines is asking to choose a specific MAC address policy but I do not see anything like that on my end. Please see below screenshots on my machine's specs, VM error code and VM's configuration and let me know if you require anything extra to further troubleshoot this.


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Hello! Thanks for asking, and apologies for your trouble! It seems you are failing before the "new MAC address" question is asked. The problem here (evidenced by "Raw-mode is unavailable courtesy of Hyper-V") seems to be that virtualization is disabled on your computer. A similar issue is described in the following places:

  • (near the bottom):
  • In this linked SO post

Please let us know if you try these directions and what the outcome is!

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