failed to use the formula acf

Hello. I'm trying to use RStudio with the acf formula.


the result is the following:
error in plot1.acf(acf.out,...): argument 2 matches multiple formal arguments

Please help me, thank you.

The syntax is correct


using the built-in dataset lh. Why it's returning the error with your data argument is unclear. See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners.

this is suspicious as the acf function in stats should be using plot.acf

according to RDocumentation there are many many functions called 'acf' from many packages. Probably you are loading one and it is not behaving as you expect.

You could try explicitly using stats::acf(ihk_tr1,lag.max=48,ci=0.95) to avoid confusion from other loaded packages, or if you actually want help with the acf from one of those other packages, please tell us which.

to identify what loaded libraries contain acf in your session try


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