Failed to load avro package in R

I have avro files in my local drive to read and i want these to be analysed through R. However this package is not getting installed. It is not available in cran so i had to download via GitHub. Here is the link:

Initially it needed 4 dependencies Rpcc, rjson,bit64, bit and active java(1.6v at least) according to the git instructions . Still after installing these dependenices i am receiving error: * installing source package 'ravro' ... ** using staged installation ** libs Warning in system(cmd) : 'make' not found ERROR: compilation failed for package 'ravro' * removing 'C:/Users/Documents/R/win-library/4.0/ravro' Warning in install.packages : installation of package ‘C:/User/ravro/ravro-master/build/ravro_1.0.4.tar.gz’ had non-zero exit status –

Also when i run install_github("RevolutionAnalytics/ravro") it returns the error:

"Failed to install 'unknown package' from GitHub:HTTP error 404. Not Found Did you spell the repo owner (RevolutionAnalytics) and repo name (ravro) correctly? If spelling is correct, check that you have the required permissions to access the repo."

Can anybody test and try to install this package and if its successful please let me know !

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