Failed to install Rcommander in R version 3.6.0

Hi, I need help, I have failed to install R commander in R version 3.6.0, Below is the error message;
unable to access index for repository
cannot open URL ''
Installing package into ‘C:/Users/Victor/Documents/R/win-library/3.6’
(as ‘lib’ is unspecified)

Hi Victor welcome!

Apparently R is not being able to connect to the repository, is your internet connection behind a firewall or proxy server? This is usually the case when you are at work or school.

Hi Andresrcs,
I am using workplace wireless. But also my individual wireless is failing. Any solution?

Well, that doesn't answer my question, your personal internet connection could also be behind some firewall or antivirus software that could be blocking the connection.

One think that you could try is to choose a different CRAN repository to download from.

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