Failed package zip installation in RStudio

Hi RStudio Community
I am dealing with Protected Health Information or PHI everyday.
I am required to scramble those data.
Then I discovered a package Scrambler and tried to install but failed.
I hope you will help me in this on how to rectify.

The error message = scrambler is not a valid installed package.
Since GitHub site is not white-listed in my organisation, it failed to download and install directly.
So I unzip it.
My codes are here.
My R is 405 and RStudio is daily build 2022.12.0

Loading required package: usethis
Error: Failed to install 'scrambler' from GitHub:
Timeout was reached: [] Operation timed out after 10009 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received
file.rename('scrambler-master', 'scrambler')
[1] TRUE
shell('R CMD build scrambler')

  • checking for file 'scrambler/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
  • preparing 'scrambler':
  • checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... OK
  • checking for LF line-endings in source and make files and shell scripts
  • checking for empty or unneeded directories
  • building 'scrambler_0.1.0.tar.gz'

install.packages(list.files(pattern = 'scrambler*.tar.gz'), repos = NULL)
Error in library(scrambler) :
‘scrambler’ is not a valid installed package

I have figured out as follows and it was successful.
install.packages(pattern = 'scrambler*.tar.gz', repos = NULL)
The point here is removing list.files function.

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