Fail to publish Rmarkdown on rstudio connect


2018/02/23 16:08:32.201615087 pandoc: /opt/rstudio-connect/mnt/tmp/Rtmpa2iSJx/rmarkdown-str5b0c66f896c6.html: openFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

Rstudio connect tell me:

This output has not been rendered.
Check the Logs tab for errors if the document has failed to render.

You can render content by clicking the Refresh Report button on the right of the header. You can schedule the report to be rendered automatically by clicking the Schedule tab in the settings on the right.

If rendering fails repeatedly, the R Markdown source may contain an error or may not run in the deployed environment. Deploy the modified source after resolving the rendering issue.

I am only rendering a plain text Rmd with knitr::include_graphic, the flexbashboard works on my local laptop.

=== update ===

I found another Rmarkdown file also failed to publish by rstudio connect, including xaringan, ioslide and so on.

Is the graphic that you are trying to render in a subfolder of your project? Did you use a relative path to this graphic?

the graphic is distributed by cdn using a URL, in that, I don't need to store locally. And I found any Rmarkdown that I want to publish failed. Maybe not the flexdashboard problem, it's about Rmarkdown.

I have changed the Server.DataDir to another customer path, maybe it occurs the Rmarkdown problem?



Emailing would a more appropriate venue for troubleshooting this issue, as we can take a look at your Connect server logs, deployment logs, and render logs.



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