FactoMiner error

Good morning, I'm following the FactoMiner example:
res.pca <- PCA(decathlon, quanti.sup = 11:12, quali.sup=13)
however I get the following message:
Error in get(getOption("device"))(width = min(14, 8 * (xmax - xmin)/(ymax - :
unused arguments (width = min(14, 8 * (xmax - xmin)/(ymax - ymin)), height = 8)

Thank you in advance for your help

It works for me in a Windows 10 environment.
In what environment do you work ? Do you use RStudio?
And please give e.g. the output of sessionInfo().
I assume that you entered the three statements immediately after starting the R session?
If not try again in a 'clean' session .

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