Facing problem caught segfault - memory not mapped while saving data in database from RConnect

The code is able to save data in the database tables but for some cases which are random application through error - "caught segfault *** address 0x10, memory not mapped.

Have gone through the internet and was able to find that it might be because of version mismatch but was not able to locate specific package which is giving this problem

Hi @atyagi ! Welcome to community! It sounds like this may be something you are running into with one of the open source packages you are using? Segfaults are definitely bad-news! It may be worth trying to add some logging into your app so you can see what part of your code is running when the segfault happens, and to upgrade your packages (sometimes a newer package version has fixes for these types of issues).

Unfortunately, it does not sound like something Connect specific, so another section of community may get more people looking at it! However, in order for people to be helpful in your case, you should really shoot to find a "reprex" of your problem (a simple, open source application that reproduces the behavior and causes the segfault):