Extremely slow read of data from table in Snowflake to R


I'm trying to read into R desktop the contents of a table in Snowflake using odbc and DBI using a DSN

The table is approx. 1.6M rows across 50 columns of various data types i.e. numerics & characters.

The table takes approx. 50 mins to read into R and the same table takes 200-300 secs using DBeaver.

I'm using the Snowflake ODBC Driver 64-bit 2.25.4 and am unsure what next could be the cause of the problem. Network connectivity/latency is not an issue and I've asked for the table to be recreated using a clustering key but this has had no impact on performance.

I apologies as I understand this is not a reproducible question but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: My colleague queried the same table using R using DBI and odbc and he was able to pull down the entire dataset in less than 60 secs. The only difference is that he's running the code locally whereas my R project is synced to a OneDrive folder so I'm guessing therein lies the problem!!!

I've moved my project to my C drive and I still have the same performance issues.

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