extracting specific part from file name

Hey guys,

Is there an easy way to extract an specific part from file names?
I´m trying to extract the whole part from _ (0001104659-12-034444).
My code so far: str_extract(df$document, pattern = "(?<=\-)\d+(?=\.)")
Result: 034444
Can´t manage to get it to extract the whole number at the end. If I use "_" as start point it just gets me "NA"

Thanks a lot for all help!

Managed to get it to work:
Might not be the most elegant, but at least it´s working :slight_smile:

This regex is much simpler


str_extract("1800_10-Q_2012-05-08_0001104659-12-034444", "[^_]+$")
#> [1] "0001104659-12-034444"

Created on 2022-03-08 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)


Thanks a lot,
actually your regex gets me a result including .html (which I forgot to mention in my first answer). I´ll try to adjust it for my purpose :slight_smile:
38079_10-Q_2006-05-10_0001104659-06-033149.html <- thats the whole part sorry my bad

In case you need it


            pattern = "[^_]+(?=\\..+$)")
#> [1] "0001104659-12-034444" "0001104659-12-034444"

Created on 2022-03-09 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

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