Extracting comments inserted in Excel spreadsheets

Hi everyone,

So I am working with a clinician who has collected data in an Excel spreadsheet. This is obviously less than ideal for many reasons.

Anyway, the issue I'm facing is that instead of writing down open-text comments into cells (which could then be parsed using the many available packages), they have stored comments by "right-clicking" various cells and using the "Insert Comment" functionality. These comments appear when hovering with the mouse cursor, but do not get read into R when reading in the spreadsheet.

Does anyone know of a way to capture these meta-comments? Is there a package that I don't know about that could help? They contain important clinical insights, and the spreadsheet is big enough that it is generally prohibitive to fix this manually (and also I just think this is bad form). I was hoping readr or readxl would offer some abilities to do this, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Thanks for any help.

Try {tidyxl} by Duncan Garmonsway (@nacnudus). It helps tidy data from Excel sheets, including comments. See this vignette, for example.


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