Extracted Tweets are cut after 140 characters

Hi there!
I'm trying to get some tweets with the twitteR package. So far, the process of extracting tweets is pretty straightforward, but unfortunately my extracted tweets are cut after 140 characters, although the real tweet consists of clearly more than 140 characters.

Does someone have experience how to get full and complete tweets?

Can you share your code, and what exactly is failing in the code? It would be helpful so that we can help you.

Yes, of course, thank you!
So after setting up the connection with Twitter, I am trying to get Tweets including a specific hashtag (I hope it's not advertising)

My Code looks like this:

AmazonEcho_tweets <- searchTwitter("AmazonEcho", n=1000, lang="en")
AmazonEcho_tweetsDF <-twListToDF(AmazonEcho_tweets)

I am getting a list of tweets, but lots of those tweets are not complete and end with "...". I figured that they end after 140 characters, which happens to be also the limited amount of characters in a tweet. But in fact most of the tweets are longer than 140 characters.

Thank you in advance!

You should try out rtweet instead of twitteR! The differences:

Unlike twitteR, rtweet is (a) not deprecated, (b) up-to-date with recent API changes, (c) only R pkg to interact with both REST and stream APIs, (d) more data frame-centric #rstats

— Mike Kearney📊 (@kearneymw) November 30, 2017

This should fix the issue. For more information on rtweet: http://rtweet.info/ and 21 Recipes for Mining Twitter Data with rtweet