extract pdf table

Hello Dear Friends,

I have a big issue with some data in pdf,

I just want to have my data in a dataframe
I put a pdf example so you can see;
< <I thank you in advance for giving me a hand

Commune I 2014.pdf (504.7 KB)

so I have 700 similar files to extract, I just wanna know how to do it for one so I can iterate

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Look into the package tabulizer and pdftools. Here's something I made quite some time ago to discuss some approaches: meetup-presentations_rtp/2019-10-10-data-from-pdf at master · rladies/meetup-presentations_rtp · GitHub

Thank you for your answer
I tried the package tabulizer, I can't install it on my 4.1 version.

Oooh it does seem tabulizer is no longer available. I did mention that was from quite some time ago. You could try installing from GitHub or use pdftools.

To install from GitHub, you can use the remotes, check out the info here: GitHub - ropensci/tabulizer: Bindings for Tabula PDF Table Extractor Library

thank you
i finally install it
thanks again

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