Extract data from large data frames based on column values


I have a table (Table1) with column of IDs and other values linked to each ID (rows). I need to create a new column in a second table "condition" according to the values found in the Table1 with exact same IDs. Table1 and Table2 have few common IDs and I need to identify which are already in Table1.

Example Table1:
ID       Condition
2345     old
2346     old
2347     new

Table 2:
ID          Condition based on table1 - *What I need to add!*
2345     old
2347     new
2348     not-found

I am a beginner. The idea is to solve using only R (no python libraries or commands). Thank you so much.

Please post a reproducible example for the forum users to help you (Refer to reprex criteria).

Check how you can go through at;


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