extract a specific column in a nested list (extract from all sub lists)

I have a big list that has a lot of sub-lists.
I would like to search for a specific column name and extract that column from every sub-list.
for example: please see the attached image, I have a big list named "List1", it has several sub-lists, for example, "gene A", "gene B", ...., "gene N". each of these sublists has a list, for example, "gene A" has these columns: a, b, c, ...... . "gene B" has a, d, ... z.
How can I search "a" in all those sublists and finally reach all of them beside each other in a data frame?


(l1 <- list(
  gene_A = list(a=1:3,
  gene_B = list(a=9:7,

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Thank you @nirgrahamuk , it worked.

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