Extend branches argument in networkD3

Does anyone know the argument to extend all branches to the maximum level in radialNetwork in the networkD3 package v0.4.9?

This is all I can find:

> args("radialNetwork")
function (List, height = NULL, width = NULL, fontSize = 10, fontFamily = "serif", 
    linkColour = "#ccc", nodeColour = "#fff", nodeStroke = "steelblue", 
    textColour = "#111", opacity = 0.9, margin = NULL) 

There is no such argument in networkD3's radialNetwork() function. That capability is not built in to the CRAN release version/s of networkD3.

However, the current dev version of networkD3 on Github can do this with the treeType = 'cluster' and direction = 'radial' arguments in the new treeNetwork() function.

for example...



URL <- paste0("https://cdn.rawgit.com/christophergandrud/networkD3/",
flare <- jsonlite::fromJSON(URL, simplifyDataFrame = FALSE)

treeNetwork(flare, direction = 'radial', treeType = 'cluster')

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