Exporting time prints from Kinovea and chaning the time to R format

Hey guys!
Question concerning changing a time format to R friendly (as.POSIXct). When exporting kinematic time points from Kinovea into an XML spreadsheet, time column data is printed out in the following format: 0:00:02:886 (693). If I have understood this correctly as a beginner in R, I have to first be able to write a code that isolates away "(693)" from the code, then adding also the current date, because isnt as.POSIXct format specifically as example: ("1971-05-14 11:25:15")?
This would get even more complex by adding current date first, so a bit out of my league here.
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To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue or at least some sample data of your input and desired output on a copy/paste friendly format? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

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