exporting static html file from learnr tutorial

I have a learnr tutorial with a bit of custom css (github) that I'd like to use to serve up static content that does not need any of the shiny elements that makes learnr special. Here's what it looks like as a learnr tutorial (all static content).

Turning this into a static html file by changing the output from learnr to html_document is easy enough, but it loses the nice sidebar structure of the learnr version.

Am I missing an easy way to get a static html file that looks like the learnr output without the shiny elements? Do I have to take the learnr template and try to create a template for blogdown that looks the same?

The best way to do this would be to create a custom template from the learnr template that does not call any of the shiny functions but still keeps the JS and CSS that give you the sidebar and other features.

You can see how that might look like using just JS and CSS here: https://github.com/jdbarillas/GHRresources


Wow, @jdb. This looks great! What would it take to turn what you adapted into a custom template? I'm not familiar with how templates are made.

I must confess I've never created templates as well, but Chapters 17 and 18 of the R Markdown book provide a good overview of what's needed.

OK, great. Thanks again for taking the time to work up the idea.

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