Exporting SSM from FlowJo to compensate samples in R flowCore

I am analyzing my flow cytometry data on Rstudio instead of Flowjo for the first time. I am having trouble with compensating my flowset on flowcore. I have single stained comp beads (FCS files). I also have the SSM.csv from flowjo for my experiment. Any guidance on compensation would be greatly appreciated.

There aren't any other references to Flowjo in the archives here and only a handful for flowcore, so there may be few volunteers. There are a lot of people who will jump in, though, if there's a reprex. See the FAQ. Someone may be able to help you out with the mechanics of the problem even if the subject matter is foreign. Enough representative data, the code setup to where the problem now lays and a bit of problem framing on what compensating is supposed to do will bait the hook.

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