Exporting regression results to LATEX with additional statistics (z values, LR chi^2, and Pseduo-R^2)?

I'm new to all of this so will very much appreciate any help at all!

I have a "glm" and "OLS" models results that I want to export to LaTex, in the form of a table. I've tried to use the "texreg" package, but couldn't find a way to add to the table some statistics like: z-value, LR chi^2, and Pseduo-R^2.

Does anyone know an easy way of doing it?

this is the code that I currently run, for the probit regressions (this is very similar to that of the OLS):

  l = list(extract_probit_model_Emp, extract_probit_model_lfp),
  file = "results/probit_test",
  stars = c(0.01, 0.05, 0.1),
  custom.header = list("probit" = 1:2),
  custom.model.names = c("Employment", "LFP"),
  omit.coef = "control",
  center = TRUE,
  caption = "Probit Test on Employment and LFP")

I wonder if there is any way of doing it with the texreg package, or is there another one that is easy to handle?

Thanks in advance!

Take a look at the vignette and work the examples shown. If you still need help come back with a reprex. See the FAQ.

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